Privacy Policy

We will not give your e-mail address to anybody unless requested by the authorities with the correct legal document instructing us to do so.

We do not sell or rent personally identifiable information. We do use third party providers who are professional companies that comply with requirements for privacy and security. They are not allowed to share your personal information due to agreements in place.

For analytics we use the Google Analytics services standard practices of any good website. We analyse the data ourselves so we made offer a better tailored experience. This information is generic and does not allow identification of individual. Google Privacy Policy.

Signup to newsletters is voluntary. We collect name and email address so we can let you know of our awesome offers, news and services. This information is not shared or sold.

We use technology like cookies to enhance user experience, deliver personalized content, and collect information about the use of the Site. Cookies do not retrieve personal nor business data from your hard drive, your email, nor any other personal information. Most browsers with privacy standard settings allow cookies to be set. You can block cookies and this won’t affect your interaction with the site but there are certain functions that might not work properly. Cookies are renewed each time you visit our site.